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Important Facts to Consider When Applying Auto Insurance in California

Driving your car in California can be costly with the average insurance policy more than $ 1,500 but this is almost the same with other insurance policies in the USA. According to auto insurance laws in California, the minimum requirements are as follows: bodily injury liability has a limit of $ 15,000 to $30,000 and property damage liability is $5,000. You can however consider getting more coverage than the minimum California car insurance.

There are a number of ways through which rates of car insurance in CA are calculated. This is simply determined by a number several factors which depend on one’s personal circumstances such as gender, credit history, driving history marital status and age among others. Some California cheap car insurance companies will also put into consideration your place of residence and the kind of vehicle that you are driving.

Different California auto insurance companies use different formulas for their premium calculations. Therefore, it is very rare to find two different companies giving you the same rate. In many insurance providers, married women who are over thirty, residing in a good neighborhood, driving a family car for less than ten thousand miles on yearly basis and possessing good driving records with high credit scores enjoy low insurance premiums. On the other hand, an eighteen year old teenager driving his or her father’s sports car will find it hard to secure California cheap car insurance for him or herself.


It is advisable to check what different car insurance companies are offering and their requirements before committing to any policy. Generally, California has two programs which help residents to obtain quotes for auto insurance in California. Drivers who are unable to obtain car insurance by themselves are assisted by the Automated Assigned Risk Plan program. However, driver’s rates under this program are a bit higher but serve worthy since this program offers a great resort to these drivers. The second program that the state of California administers to help drivers to obtain car insurance is the low cost automobile insurance. This program enables families who earn low income to get better car insurance rates. To qualify for this program, you must possess a good driving record and also show that you are in financial need.

It is important to carry out some research before purchasing auto insurance in California. With this, you can settle with an insurance company that offers good coverage at an affordable price. Apart from that, you can settle for a company that offers various discount schemes.

Note that in many companies you are allowed the freedom to choose on how to make payments. This can be monthly, quarterly, half a year and annually. If you enter your zip code on top this page, we can help you find a company that offers California cheap car insurance.