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Important Facts about DUI and DWI of California DMV Laws

DUI and DWI relate to cases of drinking and driving. DUI stands for Driving under the Influence (mainly of Alcohol or of any other related drugs). DWI is meant for cases involving Driving While Intoxicated conditions. Both cases are not allowed in the United States of America. Laws of auto insurance in California related to DUI and DWI varies from state to state. While some states consider DUI to be of an offense of a lower degree, some consider both as equal. The laws related to both cases as well as the penalties involved also differ across various states.

California DUI and DWI are linked to cases of drinking and driving in United States of America. Under California DMV law, DUI relates to the effect or Influence (mainly of Alcohol or drugs) when a person is driving. DWI talks about a person when he is Driving While he is Intoxicated. Intoxication can similarly be under the effect of Drugs or Alcohol. One of the charge or both of these charges can be levied in case a person is found guilty. Strict punishments are given to prevent repeated offenses. However, some provinces consider both of these charges to be of a similar nature. Hence the laws do not discriminate between DWI and DUI here. Laws and punishments are same as well.

Driving under drunken states brings stiff punishments in the United States of America. The authorities try to prevent any of these offenses by including a set of stringent rules and regulations. The laws defined in the state of California are also meant to enforce similar rules. People are handed out with strong punishments in case of any such incident. So the drivers do need to take care of such laws. In case of violations, the driver needs to be aware of the law and the punishments that can be handled out. Out of all these cases, the punishments for repeated violations are the maximum. With this, it can surely affect the rate of your auto insurance in California.

The authorities can charge you under two circumstances in California under such charges. Firstly, the person can be booked if he/she is not able to drive properly. Thus the cops might become suspicious. You might be pulled up and then you might have to give certain specific tests. So the cop would check whether you are sober or not. Tests might include making you walk on a straight line, make you read from a text as well as asking some simple questions. The Second type of test includes the breath test. So you might be asked to breathe in to an instrument which would check the amount of alcohol content in your breath. This is done by checking for traces of alcohol in your breath.

If you are booked, you need to approach lawyers. This site might come in handy. Just provide your zip code and then you would be given the contacts of related lawyers in your area. Thus you can take suitable legal advice under such circumstances. To be sure, drive carefully and safely. That would ensure a healthy and safe driving experience for everyone lets you fulfil your California auto insurance requirements.