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Implications of DUI and DWI Laws on Car Insurance in California

Things are changing rapidly with time, the cases of drunken driving are increasing and to turn things around, the state of California have brought fresh, more stringent laws to cope up with this scenario. The California car insurance laws compliment these very laws.

The laws, which are in place to tackle these issues, are the DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) and DUI (Driving under the Influence) laws. However there are a few more laws for drunken driving, but the mentioned two can have serious implications on the driver if found in a woeful state. Considering that, you have been found with an alcohol level of 0.08% or higher, it could lead to suspension of license, but not just this, it can also make your future course a costly affair, and you might have to keep on going paying hefty fines and liability charges in case you don’t have Car Insurance in California.

For a first time offender, a DUI offense leads to a probation period of 36 months, a penalty after assessing the assets. They also ask the offender to complete an offender alcohol program (AB 541). However, since 2010, stricter laws have taken place, which imposes the installation of IID device in the offender’s car.

IID means Interlock Ignition Device, it is a device developed to check the cases of drunken driving. It is a breath analyzer, which determines the alcohol content in your blood levels, and stops the car ignition if it exceeds the designated level. It stores all history which helps to make a stronger case against the offender by knowing how often one is drunk while driving. A digital log stores the past evidences, and if it seem to the system that the levels are high, then the car will not start and cannot be operated. However, one might think getting from it is by tampering it, but the device even keeps a record of that, and the information is passed to the competent authority. This system has not gone well down the line and is likely to be abolished. It is also very costly and is a burden on the user. It has both monthly and one time charges altogether, which makes maintenance very tough.

However, throughout any time if you feel yourself to be a victim and not the guilty one, then you ask for a trial by jury, as per the constitutional rights. You will get ample time, when you must find yourself a good attorney with loads of experience and a clear-cut knowhow on the loopholes in the present laws. CA DUI Laws lay down heavy fines on offenders with hefty fines crossing $2000 at times and jail terms up to a year are imposed.

There might be many attorneys in the US but you must find yourself a good one, who can turn the case in your favor, sometimes when you have dealt unfairly, the attorney might draw references to the constitutional rights as well as the on field officer’s mode of conduct, or the authenticity of the test and the device.

It is expected that all owners have Car Insurance in California to pay the liabilities due, and car insurance laws in California enforce this very thing. One can get instant insurance quotes by just entering their zip codes.