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How you can Get Low Income Auto Insurance in California

If your pockets are not deep enough to accommodate average auto insurance in California, then don’t lose hope. Having some coverage related to vehicles is not a matter of choice in California. The law has made it mandatory but even if you cannot afford the average amount of auto insurance, you have to find a way to show some financial responsibility in case a car accident involving you occurs. A number of options exist and looking in the right places is the trick. One basic thing that you can do is trying to maintain a clean driving record. A simple parking violation, speeding tickets and other more serious situations such as a full out car accident may end up with the increase of the cost of your auto insurance premiums by a considerable margin.

Also if you happen to have a DUI or an SR-22 in the state of California, then you have a very dwindling chance of ever getting a low cost car insurance policy. As a matter of fact, you may end up paying double what the safe drivers are paying for. Try to avoid such incidences especially when you have a low income. Another way to get low income auto insurance in California is by taking a highly recommended certified training program for drivers to demonstrate to the vehicle insurance companies that you are not a risky driver with a driving experience. It is especially important for new drivers to do so because insurance companies consider them highly risky since they are prone to accidents due to lack of enough driving experience.

Other substantial things to consider are safety features installed in your vehicle. Listing features such as ABS, sounding alarms, side and front airbags, gas cut offs and such features may greatly reduce the cost of auto insurance in California. Many insurance companies will reduce the premium on your policy if they feel you have tried to maximize safety on your vehicle.

These measures may not seem as much but they will greatly affect the cost of your California car insurance. They may not cost much and so you may be tempted to ignore them but in the long run you might end up paying for more than you thought you would. There are other factors as well like maintaining good grades for students and affiliation with certain organizations. This may lead up to a low income insurance policy.


You should also do some thorough online research which will not cost you a fortune, to try and compare which companies offer decent auto insurance coverage in California at a reasonable price. Once you identify which company you would like to buy auto insurance from, you may also contact them and ask about the discounts they offer to their clients. You may start your comparison of rates and discounts offered by different car insurance companies in California by providing us with your zip. Getting auto insurance in California is achievable.