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How to Save Dollars on California Car Insurance for Old or New Vehicles

Since the invention of the first car by Karl Benz, the relation between man and cars has grown by magnanimous amounts, thus laying the seeds of an immovable requirement. For both trade as well leisure purposes, cars are now a regular feature in a normal man’s life. In nations like the USA, especially in states like California, where all major transactions occur, the trend among people to buy cars is seen in a greater amount than anywhere else. However in order to ensure longevity one must get his/her car insured so as to remain immune to all sorts of damages, both personal as well as financial, in the long run.

California car insurance norms vary a great deal throughout a person’s life. Hence the Department of Motor Vehicles, California has different insurance guidelines for different life stages. The various life stages are:

1. Teen Car Insurance: For newly licensed drivers still in their teens, the insurance norms are quite lenient. They do not have to get their own insurance coverage as they can make use of their parents’ car insurance policy.

2. Car insurance after college: The normal rules and regulations of California car insurance policies become applicable as soon as one passes college and qualifies as an adult. He/ she is then obliged by law to have an independent car insurance policy, other than his/her parents’.

3. Evolving Family Insurance: As you get married and your family begins to grow you are then bound to have insurance for all your family members. However you are also entitled to discounts in insurance premiums as you invest in your child’ education and in securing your family’s future. Special discounts are also available for young families

4. Senior Citizen Insurance Schemes: Californians aged above 60 years of age are entitled to discounts in car insurance premiums.

5. Divorce Car Insurance: If a divorce occurs midway through a marriage the concerned persons need to review their car insurance policies and change them accordingly.

6. Military Service Car Insurance: Californians in service of the Military Department are also entitled to discounts and benefits. Through the privilege of their service for the nation, they can save a lot of dollars on auto insurance. Also a military person must keep in mind that if he is going to be deployed for an extended period they may need an affidavit of no use, so that Department of Motor Vehicles, California know that your vehicle does not require mandated insurance coverage. From 2006 onwards, a number of amendments have been made to car insurance laws in California, enabling smoother transaction of insurance policies.

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