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How to Make Bigger Savings on Car Insurance in California

Driving in California can be expensive, thanks to insurance costs. But this should not necessarily mean that your car insurance must be high. You can do something about it. Some drivers have been known to risk getting their cars on the road without insurance. This is not only illegal but also dangerous. California State law requires every registered car to be insured whether on the road or not. However, in California, cheap car insurance is hard to find but not impossible. Getting insurance for your car should not just be about obeying the law. It will also save you financial worries in case of an accident.

So how do you get yourself the best deal? Getting cheap car insurance in California is actually easier than most people think. It all depends on you. There are things you could do to enable you make significant savings.

To start with, think about the insurance options available to you well before you get your new or used car. You could ask around from friends and relatives, make calls to auto insurance companies or run online searches to get quotes for free. There are many California car insurance companies offering services at different rates. Compare these rates by company on the specific car make and model you plan to get. This is important because it will eventually factor in working out your rates. The car make, shop price, susceptibility to theft, safety performance and the cost of repairs are among the things that determine how much you are charged. This means that it will cost you less to insure an average regular sedan as compared to a flashy sports car.

Insurance companies value loyalty. If you are looking to get cheap car insurance in California and have more than one car, you can get yourself some great discounts if you choose to use the same policy for all your cars. Your reward will come in discounted premiums. If the provider covers other property such as a house, you may want to include it on the policy.

Being a safe driver will also result in cheaper car insurance costs to you. Maintaining a clean driving record will not only keep you safe on the road, but significantly reduce your premiums as well. While at the opposite end, a first accident on your driving record could push your monthly premiums up by as much as 40%!

Consider buying annual policies instead of monthly. This is another great way of getting cheap car insurance in California. Another good thing about this arrangement is that your rates cannot be adjusted during the period of the policy.

Good credit rating is another way that could earn you discounts on your auto insurance. A good credit rating will inspire confidence and result in discounted rates.


All in all, car insurance in California is still affordable. You just have to look, compare, ask questions and do what is required of you. It surely can only get as cheap as you want it.