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How to Get your Vehicle Insured in California

The number in shared by the National statistics office with regard to the traffic deaths proves that DWI/DUI drivers have caused more deaths each day. Although in 2008 the figures in data revealed that there was a significant drop of 9% after eight years of uphill trending, the annual numbers are still high The Car insurance in Ca are more harsh to DWI/DUI drivers. They make it that the only way to avoid more financial damage on your end is to secure car insurance.

The state of California strongly implemented to every vehicle e owner to show proof of financial responsibility. Through car insurance, you need to put up a surety bond of $35,000 or self-insurance to the DMV. All of these options are evidences that allow you to use the California roads. California car insurance is expensive especially of your income is limited. However, the state has a solution to that. To counter such a dilemma, they are offering a low-cost automobile insurance to those with annual income below the federal poverty line which is 250%.  You may contact the department of insurance or you can submit your application there.

DWU/DUI drivers are classified as high-risk drivers and since their monthly or annual premium is not the same as the other drivers whose records are clean. Records showed that approximately every 48-minutes accident happens in relation to alcohol and drugs problem. While driving home, you can’t really be certain of a safe journey and accidents happen at random. Securing our future through Car insurance in California is the best option. Doing a pro-active measure is imperative.

Since every vehicle owners are required to always bring their proof of financial responsibility, you are certain that the car behind or in front of you can afford to pay whatever happens. Failure to provide or put your premium on current status means severe penalties. With millions of cars passing by each day on the California highway, the competition in the car insurance business is also very competitive. If you are looking for a vehicle insurance company that can give you low premium, you can do it here. By encoding your zip right at the search box, you will be represented with a long list of car insurance in Ca.