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How to Get an Exclusive Cheap Car Insurance in California

Bingo! It’s good news for all people looking for California cheap car insurance. California auto insurance companies are now able to provide cheap insurance rates to motorists who have a good driving record. But under such a plan, the coverage is restricted to liability only and is dispensed exclusively by the California’s Automobile Assigned Risk Plan. Each and every county of California has to establish their premiums on a yearly basis. The insurance companies who are licensed to render and provide insurance within the state are the ones who chart out policy statements for the state as well.

Those rates are intended to handle losses and expenditures to the program on a county to county basis. Single licensed male motor vehicles who are allowed to drive in the Golden State are subject to a twenty five per cent premium surcharge.

Good news is that you can qualify yourself under the CLCA program offered by the state government of California if you feel that you can’t ensure adequate protection for you and your family because of your low rate of income. But how do you know that you will qualify for this CLCA program? We bring you the most and foremost prerequisites for qualifying under this program:

a) A single person who earns $26,000 or less as his annual income

b) If a family of two persons earns $35,000 or less as their annual income

c) If a family of four persons earns $53,000 or less as their annual income

d) If a family of eight persons earns $89,000 or less as their annual income

Apart from the prerequisites mentioned above, a few other conditions for California cheap car insurance must also be kept in mind. They are as follows:

a) There should be absolutely zero fault accidents for the past three years that resulted in any kind of bodily injuries, a fatality or casualty.

b) The minimum age of the person has to be nineteen years.

c) The vehicle for which he seeks insurance must have a maximum value of at least $20,000. The vehicle can also be valued at less than the given amount but NOT more.

d) Whatsoever be the circumstance, the driver must not have lost his license at any point of time during the past three years.

This program was implemented solely for the reason that much of the drivers of California fail to afford the minimum insurance cover as permitted by the state. It’s because they had an annual income which was so meagre that they probably couldn’t afford to spend it on insurance that are usually considered by some as ‘petty’, ‘insignificant’ and useless. But what they fail to realize is the fact that in the case of an accident, it would be the return that these investments would provide that would help them to survive the effects of the accident. This is why you need a proper California auto insurance cover for your vehicle before you go anywhere.

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