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How to Be Free From DUI Related Expenses with Car Insurance in CA

Needless, to say, every vehicle owner is at risk of car accident, property damage as well as being injured and the worst – death. No single street in the entire continent can guarantee an accident-free road regardless of its structure. Paved and off-roads have their own stories to tell. The numbers that point to DWI/DUI-related accidents are not totally controlled. Despite imposing harsh penalties to DUI drivers, statisticians are still computing for the DWI/DUI-related mean, mode, or average to cover the annual report. The car insurance in CA clearly declares total financial responsibility coverage to all privately owned vehicles, using any road/streets/highways in the state.

Either the financial responsibility can be the car liability insurance, or you can choose from any of the following options. You can deposit $35,000 to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle), get a self-insurance certificate also from DMV, or secure a surety bond from a licensed company to do business in California. The need to show any financial proof to law enforcers saves you from trouble. In addition, failure to comply with it means headache. Your license will be suspended for four years, you can only get it back after showing the authority a current proof of insurance, and you need to pay an additional $125 for reissuance fee. Lastly, you need to secure the SR-22 Proof – this is the certificate of financial responsibility from your insurance company. The SR-Proof is more expensive than the regular car insurance. This is just one aspect of the penalties, and the list can definitely continue to vehicle registration suspension, citations, and other administrative fees.

Indeed, all the penalties are overwhelming. However, the point here is that you need to show financial responsibility certificate to assure the other party that you can pay for the damage you have caused. Should you opt for the liability car insurance in CA, it does not pay for your own car or injury. You need to buy another premium.

Having this policy on hand saves you from any trouble caused by DWI/DUI drivers. They too are mandated to secure a car liability insurance to pay the other party. We have listed all the car insurance companies in California that offers affordable car insurance premiums. All you need to do is to enter your zip, and you will be presented to the company that is near your place. You can request for online quote for you to compare and get current information. By entering your code now, who knows you will be able to search for a cheap car insurance premium.