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How to Avail Cheap Car Insurance in California

The state of California is steadfast in its car insurance law. No one is basically exempted even those with income that is below the federal poverty level. The state is paving ways to household with an annual gross income of 250% or less to be qualified for California low-cost car automobile (CLCA) insurance providing that the household eligibility income is satisfied. This program allowed every constituent who uses enables every low-income earner to obtain California cheap insurance. This type of insurance is your proof that you are financially responsible.

Is the car liability insurance the only financial responsibility proof that is available?

No. Actually, there are options that you can choose aside from car insurance. The other alternative is to make a $35,000 to the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV); second is to get a self-insurance certificate from DMV or you can secure a surety bond from a legitimate company who can do business in California.

What happens if you can’t provide any proof financial responsibility?

The state of California does not excuse you from not showing any proof of financial. You‘ll be penalized and there will be corresponding sanctions like suspension of your license and revocation of your vehicle registration.

How about whether the car is newly purchased? How soon can I furnish a copy to the DMV?

It is your car insurance company which will facilitate the paperwork and within 30 days, DMV should have the information already.

Do I need to bring the copy of the car insurance all the time?

Yes, you need to bring the copy of your car insurance anywhere you go especially in times of traffic collision or accidents since law enforcers will check it.


Your car insurance is not shared publicly. However, the 2006 changes in the policy stated that law enforcers and lawmakers can have access to your car insurance should there be any violation. In that same year, car insurance companies can also transfer electronically to the DMV regarding the car insurance status. These moves allowed the state to implement a close monitoring standard.

For vehicle owners who want to know other affordable premiums, you can key-in your zip and know current premium rates. Having California cheap insurance is more practical. If you want to compare prices or change car insurance providers, you can do so easily. The stiff competitions among car insurance companies are relatively rigid since they can offer low premium rates. Changing your provider won’t affect your records at all as long as DMV is properly notified.

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