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How Car Insurance in California can Protect You Against DWI

California DWI and DUI laws are very strict especially because of the rising road accidents in the state. If you are asked to pull over and if you refuse to submit to a blood test, urine test or breath test, then your license can be taken away and you might have to appear in court. A hefty fine may be imposed and you might even be jailed. A lawsuit might happen, the guilty party might have to pay $1000 as fine, and if any injury or death happens in the accident then one might have to pay more than the minimum liability prescribed by the state.

Good car insurance California is one that provides you with security at a minimum cost. It should cover the minimum liability of damage done to property and life, cost of repairs and medical expenses and lawsuit expense coverage. These types of car insurance are sold by many companies under the names of collision coverage, comprehensive coverage etc.

It is indeed a smart idea to have a car insurance to back you. Even if you are not held responsible for the incident, you will still have to bear the charges of a lawsuit. More importantly, you need an experienced and capable lawyer to fight for you and turn the case in your favor. Therefore, it is obvious that it is a huge expense to hire a top-notch lawyer. Your insurance policy can bail you out in this case. It can pay for the entire charges of your lawsuit. Moreover, even if you are proven guilty, the insurance policy will cover its expenses for you. It can provide for more than the minimum liability of $15,000/$30,000/$5,000 for one accident, as determined by the laws of California. For all these services, you have to pay a premium. The premium can be on a monthly basis or annually.

The premium is determined by the driving experience of the person, the number of people to be covered in the policy, the number of teenage drivers needed to be included. Other factors like the model of the car, the condition of it, and the number of miles one has driven and the safety measures of the car. Also included are the personal details like credit history, age, sex of the person to be insured, courses that he or she has taken to ensure safe driving. The average premium for car insurance in California is around $850, which is the 16th highest in the country. However, if you are smart, you might be able to save around $300. It is mandatory to have proper valid insurance, your license may be cancelled, or you might have to give up your car’s registration.

Now, you don’t need to look far and wide to get your Car insurance in California. Good car insurance California is now available at the click of your mouse by simply entering your ZIP code. We will provide you with the latest quotes of the top insurance plans in the market. So, start today and get your quotes immediately!