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How be Financially Protected Against DWI Drivers with Auto Insurance in California

The main reason why to state of California is strict about the car insurance law it solely for your protection. If you are new in California, and you intend to use your car, before you start your engine, it is crucial to know the car insurance laws before you go. The auto insurance in California is stiff, and it is very difficult to go away with it. It is automated and it the control standard is strict. Any vehicle which has no proof of financial responsibility, this is through car liability insurance or certificate from the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) stating that you can pay the vehicle liability insurance. This certificate is given after you made a deposit of $35,000 to the DMV, obtain surety bond amounting to $35,000 from a company that is legitimate to transact business in California or the self-insurance.


The state has strictly imposed the law and tracking down vehicle owner is made easier. In 2006 car insurance company and the DMV has adopted the computerization of reports. This means that insurance companies can electronically send to the DMV their reports with regard to the car insurance status. Likewise, the law enforcers and court personnel can have immediate access to your account, when the need arises. However, your insurance records are confidential.

Once you have your proof or insurance premiums, you are obliged to bring it all the time. You will need it when you are being asked by law enforcers, if you are involved in an accident. Likewise, you also need it when you renew your car registration. Your car insurance is synonymous with your license. Failure to bring it or keep on updated status means penalty, and you can end up with citations. Your car insurance is your protection from high-risk drivers. In addition, the most important thing is this piece of financial proof helps you from economic trouble. The minimum vehicle liability insurance is 15/50/5- $15,000 for single death/injury, $30,000 for more than one and $5,000 for property damage.

Since there are literally thousands of privately owned cars in California, and the auto insurance in California is making practical options to these owners, and that is affordable premiums. If you want to know the latest quote in the market, all you need to do is to enter your zip, know the insurance company near your place, and request for a current quote. There will be communication on the way, but you will have the chance to compare your premium over the current price.