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Guideline in Understanding DWI and DUI Laws in California

Life has become so uncertain with the existing habits of many individuals out of which the most common are driving in a drunken state and driving under the influence of intoxicated substances.

Both the states have become very usual in the present day situation and many individuals are becoming victims of such situations by either getting caught or causing accidents. There have been many studies and reports which tell such incidents and have come up with many ways to overcome such habits. Some individuals who have fallen under their strong influence find it difficult to come out of such habits. Some reports have suggested that one in four people will be involved in an alcohol related incident in his or her life time.

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We might have seen a lot of people getting caught on a daily basis and a lot of people whom we know drive in a drunken state. There are a lot of offenses other than driving in a drunken state like driving under the influence of an intoxicant. There are a lot of California DMV laws which they fall under. Let us get into the details of drunken driving so that you are fully aware of every situation it can lead to.  Drunken driving does not mean one is not in a state to drive but it means one keeps driving all through the road without following any directions. When this is the case with such people there is another case where people who drive in a similar manner with just a few drinks. The alcoholic concentration in their blood varies from person to person depending on the quantity of drink they have had.

Understanding DWI and DUI:

DWI and DUI mean driving under an influence and both of them come under offences for which the person would be penalised depending upon the extremity of the offence. In some states, DWI has penalties where as DUI is considered much more serious. There are various consequences attached to both the offences depending on the state you live in. For California the laws have been revised a lot and have become much stricter. When an individual applies for a driver’s license he has to give his consent which is called as “implied consent” to have his or her blood and urine tested. The offences recorded since then have become much lesser. If someone is caught under the influence of drunken driving, the offender faces imprisonment, high penalties, and non eligibility for a restricted license. In cases of higher registration of alcoholic concentration while driving the license would be taken away.

There are a lot of limits under which alcohol concentration in blood can be measured. This varies and depends upon the age and area where the person is located. There are certain punishments against people who are under allergic prescriptions also. Even though the medication is prescribed over the counter still it is considered as a DUI offence. There are a lot of penalties under which a person is penalised. Severity of the offence depends on the no. of times the offence has been committed. In cases of the offence being committed for the first time the offender might be

•             Penalised with heavy fines

•             Be sent to prison for varied amounts of time

•             License suspension of six months

•             Be enrolled in a DUI program

•             Get the license reissued with an additional fee of $125 or get it reinstated

•             File a SR-22, a proof of financial responsibility

These are the consequences for first time offenders. For repeated offences the consequences vary with high penalties. For a person who commits an offense for the second or a third time

•             Their license gets suspended for two to four years

•             On completion of the revocation time period the individual is allowed to drive his car but with an ignition interlock device where an alcohol free breath has to be blown into the ignition interlock device of the car and then it gets started

•             If any offence is committed while driving and the person gets killed then the consequence would be 25 years if imprisonment

•             Such individual will be fined a higher amount and they would lose their license for up to four years

Laws differ for under age drivers where they are just allowed to carry sealed containers of alcohol but they are not allowed to have alcohol in the vehicle. There is an option of a restricted license and this is valid if it is the first DUI conviction and if the individual is enrolled in a DUI program then the individual is allowed to drive to and from work and to and from DUI program class. A blood alcohol concentration of 0.01% or a higher limit will result in an individual getting arrested and his license would be taken away. A temporary license for 30 days would be issued and the regular license of the individual would be suspended for a period of one year.

Now with the laws getting much stricter all the states in the United States have set a 0.08% of BAC limit (Blood Alcohol Concentration) as a limit for driving under the influence of alcohol. However this rule does not include the individuals under the age groups of 21. They would be penalised even with a limited amount of alcohol. The punishments and fines could be reduced in some cases. So it is advised to have a legal support when one is caught under the influence of alcohol.

Apart from the penalties and the punishments associated with driving under the influence of alcohol and intoxicated substances, an individual has to consider the most critical factor that his life can be affected in many ways. Offences under influence would cause loss of employment, bad driving records, higher insurance prices and financial losses. This could lead to being unemployed in the future and also affecting his driving records for a long time. And one of the worst scenarios is not being able to control the rate of your car insurance in California.

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