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Facts Surrounding Car Insurance in CA

California just as all other states in the US and other countries, demands that you have an auto insurance cover if you are driving. Failure to this results in an automatic and immediate license suspension. The law in California requires that all drivers have insurance coverage for personal injury, accident and property damage. This is conveniently called 15/30/15 respectively referring to the amounts in thousands for each insurance coverage. The amount of money paid for coverage of car insurance in CA is dependent on a number of factors. Age, type of car and residence come to play here. Drivers below the age of 25 are deemed to be of higher risk than those above. This means that a driver of 25 years and below will have to pay higher premiums for their coverage and will reduce as they get older and get more experience on the road.  There are better offers for college students but they mostly entail the parent including them in their auto insurance cover. The more expensive the car is the higher the premium for auto insurance. Apart from the cost of the vehicle the type of car also matters. A sports vehicle that clocks hundreds of miles an hour costs more than insuring a minivan. A vehicle is insured to cover both theft and accidents. In order to reduce the premiums for any vehicle, it is advisable to install anti theft devices. Making your vehicle harder to steal may convince the insurance company to lower your premium rate.

The area where one lives also affects the cost of Car Insurance in CA. The security of your area of residence is what is brought into question. People living in high crime prone areas pay higher auto insurance rates than those in low risk areas. Your driving history is also a determining factor when it comes to insurance coverage. This may not affect young drivers but is a key factor to maintain as you gain experience. A history with numerous traffic violations puts one in the high risk category. Incidences of DUIs also blemish ones driving record. Once categorized as a high risk driver, you will have to pay high premiums for a long time.

It is advisable to shop around for auto insurance covers. Settling for commendations from your friends and family may not be a good idea. Insurance rates and terms are revised all the time, so you might settle for an old offer and overlook a new one. Car insurance quotes are available online and are free of charge. Start by entering your Zip in the slot provided in this site to view the numerous offers available. Do not be blinded by the cheap offers only. View the terms and conditions for as many policies as you can and weigh them according to your wants. Read clearly and ask for clarifications from the available insurance brokers and agents.