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Effective Tricks to Get the Best and Cheap Car Insurance in California

In today’s time and age, buying a car is not enough. You need to consider the amount you want to spend on gas, maintenance, and more importantly, insurance. Like most other states in USA, California too has a mandate on car insurance. Since car insurance guarantees to cover you on grounds like bodily damage, property damage etc., their premium is quite high. It is also a given fact that all of us would be happier if we had cheaper insurance. So, to get cheap car insurance in California, there are certain tips that you must follow.


The company from whom you are buying your car insurance should be a known one whose policies are popular all through your area. Ask around. Find out more about the car insurance companies and what kind of service they are providing to your informants. If you are satisfied, you can drop by at the office of the finance company and know more about how they grant policies. This is definitely the foundation step to buying your California cheap car insurance.

The next part you need to determine is what kind of insurance do you want. A good policy covers underinsured and uninsured drivers with coverage of $50,000 and also meets the minimum liability coverage of the state of $15,000/$30,000/$5,000. Once you decide on the policy, determine who should be included in the policy. You can specifically keep out a driver if you want to as the laws of the state of California allow so.

Finally, know more about the premium that you would have to pay. Your premium plan can be an annual or semi-annual or monthly one. The amount is determined by the model of the car and its condition, your driving history, your traffic records, the annual driving mileage of your car. Personal information like your credit history, your sex, age, marital status, your annual income etc. goes a long way to determine your insurance premium. Inclusion of the number of drivers, especially teenage ones also is a determining factor for your insurance premium. The number of safety features in your car and courses you have undertaken to ensure safe driving are also counted in. Some obscure facts like your GPA in college are also accounted for when determining your auto insurance premium.

Buying and maintaining car insurance in California is very important as you can be severely penalized if you are unable to produce your insurance papers when demanded or you produce papers of a lapsed insurance policy. The penalties include suspension of driver’s license or car license or both. For a re-issuing you need to pay $125 as fine.

If you buy California cheap car insurance smartly, then you could save up to $500 annually. But if you fail, you might end up over paying for a policy that does not provide you adequate coverage. To know more about the policies providing optimum cheap car insurance in California, enter your ZIP code and we will provide you with the answers, free of cost!