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DWI and DUI Laws in California: Things to Keep in Mind

If you are under the influence of alcohol while driving, it can lead to a heavy penalty in terms of speed from laws car insurance in California. The government is trying to prevent such events in the punishment of criminals. In order to be strict, the government has strict laws which are consistent with the serious cases of violation of the sanctions.

California DMV laws designed for people on the road and other drivers safe. People who are under the influence of alcohol, driving habits, it is not perfect. Thus, the chances of accidents and injuries has increased manifold. This is a serious threat to the driver and other people on the road. The law is designed to prevent such cases and in such cases the staffs are very serious.

DWI and DUI cases, the two terms refer to the United States. About DUI cases which deal especially with alcohol and driving under its influence. DWI, on the other hand comes into play when a driver is drunk. This fee may be charged both to blame. However, some countries believe that if a similar crime.

Penalties for drunken driving offense if that person is often repeated, becomes more and more difficult. The first offense is imprisonment of six days to four days. You can have a fine of $ 1400-2600. License offenders will be suspended. Anywhere between 30 days and 10 months can be the length of imprisonment. If repeated offenses, imprisonment and other parameters must be of a serious increase. 10 days and 1 year of imprisonment may be. It’s nice to be increased. In fact, this place may be a license suspension period is $ 1,800 to $ 2800th increases. It can be suspended for two years. Repeat the same procedure for the third time in a person, he / she is behind bars for a year. Fine 18k USD 1800 USD may apply. License may be suspended for three years. These laws prevent the repetition of the offense. On the other hand, as well as improve road safety since it also affects your car insurance in California.

Also you might be hauled up if the police suspects you are not driving properly because you are under the effect of alcohol. Thus you might be asked to give some tests. You might also be asked to blow into the tester to check your level of blood alcohol.

In this case, it would be helpful to know the rights of the accused in the criminal process. Suitable lawyers can help you in this regard. This page will help you find the right legal matters. Provide your  zip code and know other California auto insurance requirements.