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DUI Laws in California – Benefits of A DUI Lawyer

You may start regretting having the last drink when you see the flashing sirens of a police car from your rear view mirror. You may begin cursing your friends when they suggested that you take one last one for the road.  Since that is already spilt water, there is nothing much you can do but wait to face the consequences of bowing to peer pressure. Time goes by and you pay your debt to society but the DUI charge is still a stain onto your otherwise clean record. These are the thoughts that go through many first time DUI offenders. A DUI charge is a permanent reminder of one’s unlawfulness that will affect your future negatively. This case in point brings the saying “Old sins cast long shadows” to mind. The initial penalties like a suspended license, mandatory amendment fees and fines will go away but the blemish will remain. Your stained record could keep you from securing a good job or even get you fired or demoted from your current one. You may be required; because of the charge, to attend DUI programs that will once again re-teach or remind you on the dangers of drunken driving. At the courts pleasure you may also be required to visit victim’s panels, AA meetings and do some community service. In addition to all these punishments, your Auto Insurance Premiums will increase drastically. Overall, you will not only be shunned by society, you will also be broke.

Knowing of the documented casualties of DUI related accidents; you will see that the level of punishment is somewhat fair. Luckily, the DUI laws may still give you a chance to clear your blemished record and make your past a bit more promising for future insurers and employers. A good DUI Lawyer can help you obliterate the DUI records and could even go as far as withdrawing a plea that can completely give you a clean slate. This however is not possible in California while an individual is still on probation or serving a jail sentence, but is possible in other states. This means that if you committed the offence in California you will have to serve your sentence in full before you can have your case re-examined. Start by looking for a DUI Lawyer who is certified in sobriety testing as well as an administrator of breath tests. A DUI Lawyer with these credentials will be able to find the loopholes in the actions of the police in declaring that you were driving while drunk. The length of time is a no brainer to a good attorney.

All a good lawyer needs to do is to show probable cause, proving that the state will benefit from expunging your DUI from your permanent driving history. If the state agrees, you may be liable to more fines and lawyer fees but at least your record will be clean. There are many qualified DUI lawyer available on the net. All you need to do is enter your Zip at the top of this site and find one who can help you.