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Comprehensive Guide for Every Motorist on Car Insurance in California

In developed nations the demand for the elusive luxuries of life, had always been at the extreme status. With the emergence of the phenomenon called’ Globalization’ this behavior only got catalyzed. However the mere act of purchase of a car cannot guarantee a man eternal danger free service life, and just hereabout lays the requirement of an auto insurance policy. The term insurance is used to signify a legally binding contract by which an organization protects the value of a car in lieu of money in the form of insurance premiums.

California car insurance policies are offered by a number of companies. However choosing the most appropriate car insurance policy in California, according to one’s need and age demands quite a bit of knowledge and thinking. Following lines clarify my aforementioned statement:

A. Californians, who are still in their teenage years, but operate cars on the roads of the city are free from having any auto insurance cover. The Department of Motor Vehicles, California has said that they will be considered to be within their parents’ auto insurance policy. But a person who has passed college and drives or owns a car MUST have a mandatory minimum auto insurance policy. According to law, college graduates are responsible for their own insurance as they can financially support themselves.

B. Young families basically have insurance policies in a collective basis because once a person gets married,he must have an insurance policy, which provides coverage for the entire family as well as for the vehicle.

C. Senior Citizens of California (people above the age of 60 years) can enjoy discounts in insurance policies from all concerned companies. E. Military personnel hired by the Central Government are also eligible for subsidized insurance premiums, as they serve the nation.

However whenever they are away on duty, they have to inform the Department of Motor Vehicles, California that their cars will not be used during their absence. The California Legislature has made it compulsory by law for all cars of California to get a minimum insurance policy. Moreover what is more significant is that your California Car Insurance ceases to exist when you leave the state of California.

Also personal and social changes such as divorce bring about significant changes in the terms and conditions of your existing policy. California drivers of good reputation also enjoy an upper hand over others, and they are offered discounts on insurance policies. However drivers with tainted images pay hefty sums as car insurance premium rates, in the state of California.


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