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Common Questions About California Auto Insurance

There are a lot of companies giving auto insurances, but we find it hard to choose the best one. How do you decide which insurance to choose and how much to you pay for it? What else does your auto insurance covers apart from the normal coverage it ensures you? It is also important to know other optional insurance benefits and the factors that affect the type of insurance you can have.

What are the various laws and guidelines which are to be considered for auto insurance in California and other questions regarding this will be answered. Insurances are thought of as protection from an accident’s financial insecurity.

Auto insurances have many advantages and some associated with it are:

•             Protection against any accident related financial insecurity

•             Follow the laws

•             Readiness for the unexpected occurrence of events due to accidents

•             Act as protection to protect your individual assets in cases of accidents

There could be many questions related to having auto insurance. Some of them are answered to clarify your confusion.

1.            Is it illegal to drive without an active insurance coverage and what are the consequences associated with it?

It is illegal to drive without insurance and the fines could be very high for violating the rules.

2.            What are the other benefits associated with an auto insurance?

Auto insurance also covers any medical related bills due to the accident for oneself and his family. It covers the accident related repairs of the car. If the accident is caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver, the auto insurance covers accident related medical bills and accident related repairs for the car.

3.            Does the auto insurance cover any law related bills?

The Auto insurance covers the accident related law cases. There are some more questions which can provide a greater knowledge about the premiums of the insurance, the speeding rules, policies for rental cars and insurance rules in cases of travel.

4.            What factors comes into play while car insurance company decides the premiums to be paid?

             Many factors come into consideration in cases of premiums such as place of residence, the   vehicle owned, age, gender, level coverage, and past driving records. For auto insurance, driving record and the level of coverage you want plays a critical role for deciding on your premiums.

5.            How do I get the most of my car insurance for a dollar?

As it was mentioned earlier for auto insurance in California, driving records play a critical              role. If you have a clean driving record, you would get a greater coverage for your dollar.

6.            Do insurance companies ask for my credit history?

It is clear that drivers with poorer credit history claim for more insurance claims.

7.            Does accelerating tickets or points affect insurance rates?

It depends on the insurance provider if the points would affect your insurance. If the insurance      company asks for updated driving records, acceleration of tickets or points would surely affect the insurance rates.

8.            Does the company inquire driving records?

When an individual applies fresh, the insurance companies look up for driving records. In some cases when the policy is renewed, if a new driver or vehicle is added, the insurance companies would check for driving records.

9.            Will premiums of an insurance increase if a policy holder reports an accident?

It depends if the driver was at fault.  All the accidents are subjected to subvert analysis and it varies from one company to another. One can check under the subsection “fault and not at fault” as per the California auto insurance laws.

10.          What cost amounts to the addition of a teenage member to the existing policy?

It might cost you a lot for adding a teenage member in the policy since they come under the most-rash driving and over energetic driver’s category. It also depends on factors whether the teen’s behavior in school and during on the road and the type of vehicle he/she drives. The insurance rate is decreased if the model of the car is older as well.

11.          Does marrying a person with a poorer driving record affect your insurance?

If both of you have individual policies and carrying lesser optional insurance then you could reduce the costs of your current premium.

12.          Will the current insurance be valid if I rent a car?

The insurance coverage will be the same in cases of owning a car or just renting one. Insurance     coverage depends on company norms. For most of the companies, paying through credit card for a rental car can give you more protection. In cases of accidents of a rental car, the relevant company might charge you with additional fee that might not be covered by your insurance company. It is advisable to buy an additional insurance called collision waiver.

13.          Will I be covered for an accident if it occurs in any other State?

It varies from insurance to insurance. Auto insurance in California is a powerful tool which gets you secured every time you drive. Some policies coverage might differ depending on the location of accident.

14.          What is a comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive coverage covers the expenses of repairs, replacement of the vehicle in case it is stolen, hit or any other kind of damage. This policy is valid only if the car is leased or financed.


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