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Common Misconceptions About DUI Laws In California

Misconceptions are usually what the people believe of something even though that is wrong and there are facts that suggest otherwise. These misconceptions arise from the freethinking of people and their unawareness. When a person is not aware of the consequences or the after math of something, they make misconceptions and misconceptions often cost a person a lot. People need to be safe and the need to be safe each time. If a person thinks that they are safe while they are doing something important and they do not have any security, they could be in a whole lot of trouble. A person should always avoid having misconceptions about things especially when those things are really, important.

Auto insurance laws in California and the laws of the road in California are extremely important. People make many misconceptions regarding these laws and their misconceptions end in nothing but trouble and a DUI charge. Misconceptions are common and almost every single person living in California makes misconceptions regarding the laws of the road in California. That is because of two things either they are not aware of the laws, any amendments made in the laws or they are over-confident. Here are three common misconceptions that Californians make when driving on the road regarding DUI charges.

1.            Being under the legal limit means I won’t be charged – Many people think that if they are drunk under the legal limit than they can drive safely. That is a misconception because if the police deem them impaired and unable to drive, they will indeed have DUI charges pressed against them. This is a common misconception that many people driving with BAC levels that cause them to become impaired have. It does not matter if you are under or over the legal limit as long as you are impaired and unable to drive.

2.            Drugs prescribed by the doctor do not count as drugs – Any drugs, whether legal or illegal that can cause a person blood alcohol concentration levels to rise are accountable. If a person is taking any drug that has been prescribed by the doctor and caused their BAC levels to shoot up, they will have to be tested and if they are deemed, impaired, they will indeed have DUI charges pressed against them. That is because it does not matter what type of drugs they take, all that matters is that whether their BAC levels are above the legal limit and whether or not they are impaired. Auto insurance laws in California must be definitely observed in order to prevent costly charges.

3.            Passing a roadside sobriety test will refrain from a DUI charge – This is one of the most common misconceptions that the public believe. Most people think that is they pass a roadside sobriety test; they will not have a DUI charge pressed against them. This means that if they can pass a test that the police ask them to, the police will not charge them for DUI. That is wrong because many people driving under the influence can pass sobriety test. The police will judge whether the person is impaired or not and only then will the decision be made.


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