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CLCA Program for a Cheap California Car Insurance

Several years ago, the state of California introduced the CLCA insurance program as a cheap alternative for residents looking for auto insurance in California. This came as a result of the increasing number of accidents that were occurring and involved motorists who could not pay for the damages and losses they caused. Many of them simply could not afford it after making it mandatory to have liability coverage for every vehicle owner or motorist in the state. For this a solution was needed, hence the CLCA. It is an ingenious solution that is supported by the California car insurance companies that are ready to take the excess burden of auto insurance premiums from the citizens. Piloted in LA and SF, the program was aimed at tackling the idea that if low cost auto insurance options would encourage low income earners to buy their own policy than being uninsured since they could not afford the existing policy premiums.

The main thing is that you have to prove that you cannot afford to pay the standard premiums due to your financial position. You will be required to provide evidence for this by presenting your financial records stating your income, liabilities and personal assets. You will fill out a questionnaire and application form for eligibility to the program. Other requirements are your driver’s license and a clean driving record.

The maximum limits for liability for such a program is set as:

•             Property damage per accident                                                   – $3,000

•             Bodily injury to an individual per accident                             – $10,000

•             Bodily injury to multiple individuals per accident                – $20,000

However this is just basic coverage and does not cater for other vital expenses that arise in accident situations. You may consider the following additional costs under the CLCA to improve your coverage:

•             Medical expenses coverage per person per accident      – $1,000

•             Uninsured bodily injury per person per accident               – $10,000

•             Uninsured bodily injury per accident for all                          – $20,000

You may also consider buying your own comprehensive and collision coverage for physical damage since the CLCA program does not offer this. To qualify for the program, you must fulfill some basic requirements in addition to filling out the forms they will provide you with. These are:

•             Must be 19 years old and above

•             Must have a clean driver’s license

•             Must have been a licensed driver for the past three years

This is a very convenient program if you are a low income earner looking for cheap California car insurance because providers cannot give you anymore charges other than these according to the law. They are required to guide you through the process and explaining and answering all your questions regarding the program.

You can get information on reputable forms that can give you assistance by entering your zip code on this page. Having fulfilled the requirements above, getting low income auto insurance in California is a very positive prospect.