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Car Insurance in California for Independent Teen Drivers

This has been a question asked by many over the years because this is something that many wonder and are intrigued about. This is the question that has every parent’s mind up and running when their kid becomes a teenager. This question is whether parents should get their teenager independent car insurance or not. Many people state that teenagers are not worthy of being given independent car insurance because they are not experienced. And those people are right. That is because teenagers are the most inexperienced drivers on the planet and not only that, but they are also irresponsible. Many people state that teenagers should have their own independent car insurance so that they come to know of the hardships of being mature and they learn about responsibility.

Everyone has a different opinion point of view and that is why there are several answers to this question. When the time comes that parents have to decide whether they will get independent CA car insurance for their teen or not, they should look at many different facts and only then should they decide. Here are some of the most important facts a person should know and assess before making a decision.

Is the teenager responsible and mature?

You should first determine whether or not the teenager you are willing to buy insurance for is mature and responsible. If they are not, you should definitely not get them independent insurance and you should register them into your own car insurance. On the other hand, if the teenager is as responsible and mature as they come, you should definitely get independent car insurance for them. It’s about the skills that your teenager has and whether or not they are ready to take a huge step. You should be really sure about these facts before you make a decision.

Putting your teenager into your own car insurance in California will cost you


Putting your teenager into your own insurance will cost you a considerate amount of money. That is because when you add a driver to your CA car insurance, the insurance rates and the insurance premiums increase. That is the case with adding teenagers to your insurance too. As a matter of fact, adding a teenager to your insurance will cost you way more than adding someone else to your insurance. That is because teenagers are the most inexperienced drivers and the most irresponsible ones too.

After looking at these facts and after determining everything, you can then make a decision as to whether you will buy independent insurance for your teen or not. Whatever decision you make, you should be really sure about it because this is a huge step. If you want your teen to be with you and can afford it, you should add them to your insurance. On the other hand, if you are sure that they can handle the pressure and they will be good drivers, you should get independent insurance for them. In the end, it is all up to you and you are the person that has to make the decision.

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