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Buying Facts for Auto Insurance in California

It is a highly profitable affair for insurance companies nowadays, of providing auto insurance in California to the customers. The customer prefers to avail the policies and schemes offered by companies, generally with whom he/she has existing insurance, so as to get the new insurance at a better rate.

There are quite a few facts, which you must go through, before purchasing insurance.

1. Based upon what criteria should you decide your car insurer?

One must go for an insurance company, which has a past record of handling the claims for insurances with absolute fairness and prompt, without any unnecessary delay. It is better to opt for a company, which has a minimum financial stability rating of A+ or more.

2. Is there a specific minimum level of auto insurance that a driver must have?

According to the auto insurance laws prevailing in the state of California, a minimum policy of $15,000 dollars is required for the bodily injury coverage of one person; $30,000 is required for the coverage of all the people who have been physically injured. $5000 is required for the covering the property damage involved in one particular accident.

3. Under what circumstances should a driver review the coverage of his insurer?

A review of the insurance can be done, and should be done immediately after an event resulting in a major change in lifestyle. Examples of such situations include marriage, divorce or the purchase of a new car. The review can be done twice a year.

4. Is it possible for the driver to pay the entire amount of the insurance all at once?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to pay the entire premium all at once, but there are many payment schedules, and one can opt for the one, which suits him/her the best. The options include annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly payments.

5. When does the driver have to pay the amount?

Generally, the owner or the driver has to pay the requisite amount after all the repair work has been completed.

6. What will happen if you don’t carry the insurance with you?

Driving without the insurance is a legal offense in the state of California. In case you fail to show the proof that you were insured when asked, you may have to pay exorbitant fines or even end up with a suspended license. The best way to prepare oneself for this is by remembering that driving is a privilege bestowed upon you, and not a right. On could avoid the suspension of license by showing the proof of insurance in the court, if he has one. The charges will then be cancelled; however the individual might still be liable to provide a fee to cover the administrative costs.

7. What is your proof of insurance?

The insurance company that you are associated with will send you a card enlisting the covered vehicles and showing the policy number and expiry date. That will be the proof that you have auto insurance in California.

Thus, by keeping these few things in mind, about the Californian automobile and auto insurance laws, you will be able to choose a suitable insurance for yourself.

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