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Beware of the Strict Road Laws that Affect your Car Insurance in California

Living in California is no doubt a costly affair, especially when it comes to indulging into a little bit of luxury. In California, you are probably competing with the big wigs, you might not be lucky to get the cheapest and the best deal in anything. Be it buying a house or buying car insurance in California. Just like processing mortgages and taxes, car insurance paper work can be pretty tricky as well. If you are not a keen observant of the prevalent market condition, then some shrewd insurers may view you simply as sitting duck about to get robbed.

California, being one of the most populated and important parts of America, has a comparatively higher degree of accidents and car related crimes. These detailed statistics and the common characteristics of the big cities eventually translate into higher coverage cost of auto insurance premium. California car insurance Survey suggests that a single male driver with a driving experience of 9-15 years, and a clean driver’s profile, living in Los Angeles, pays a premium which is nearly 71% more than the amount paid by a driver in the rural areas.

Usually, the driving history of the motorist determines the payment scheme. If your license gets suspended for DUI after your suspension period you can still reinstate your license. Also, you are required to produce documents claiming that your car insurance policy satisfies the state of California minimum liability coverage. If your driving record shows that you have undergone a DUI arrest then you are likely to be categorized as a high-risk car insurance driver. This may affect your insurance policy. Recorded DUI arrest may translate into higher monthly insurance payment or for some extreme cases, it could lead to cancellation of your policy of car insurance in California. For such criminal cases, your license is taken away and you will be not allowed to drive for a certain period. After suspension period, you are required to produce a SR22 insurance form provided by the insurance company to the legal authority. The SR22 form acts as a legal tender, which validates your car insurance policy as legitimate. DUI Laws are strict in California and jail terms of even one year might be slapped on offenders and penalties exceeding $1500.

It should be noted by all drivers that the moment you sign for your driver’s license you are subjected to be pulled over, and have your blood, breath and urine tested and interrogated on suspicion of DUI. Since 1997 the DWI and DUI laws as well as car insurance norms in California have become strict and highly stringent, with the sole attempt to reduce the number of arrests for offenses like driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and of course, to minimize accidents.

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