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Becoming Familiar with the DWI and DUI Laws of Car Insurance in California

You may be one of the most careful drivers in the world but having to deal with vehicle owners under DWI or DUI saves no one. The street in California is for very one; however, you need to follow the strict car insurance law before you can use the public roads. The car insurance in California prohibits vehicle owners to drive without any proof of financial responsibility. This is severely imposed to protect all the vehicle owners and private properties from harm. Likewise, it shields the drivers of high –risk vehicles who are driving under the influence of intoxicated drivers.

 Car insurance in California

While law enforcement officers are sternly penalizing those drivers who have violated the car insurance laws, DWI and DUI drivers face harsh penalties as well. The 2008 data from the fact sheet revealed that more than one thousand people were killed due to alcohol or drug-related road accidents. In addition, there were more than 2,000 arrests were made for DUI, majority if, which are male at 80.2%.

The California insurance law is mandatory to all vehicle owners regardless of the driver. This law protects the innocent drivers from DWI / DUI drivers. The laws on these high-risk drivers are stiff. First convictions mean jail time of up to six months, penalties, and fines of up to $2600, license suspension of up to 10 months and more.

Seeing the roads in California in a wider sense, no one is safe; hence, the need to protect yourself and the rest of your possessions is high. Fortunately, companies of car insurance in California are offering affordable car liability insurance to all vehicle owners, whether new or existing. The collective efforts of these insurance companies provide relief and help to all vehicle owners. Aside from the fact that car insurance is part of the law, the company’s affordable offer makes it more practical to the end users. You can renew your registration online if you have car liability insurance or over the phone.


Now that you have the options to choose affordable monthly premiums, you are assured that the car next to you is covered by the car liability insurance. How to avail of the affordable car liability insurance is simple. You can enter your zip and see the latest premium quote. From here, you can check your existing policy over what is being offered. Each month we have researched those car insurance companies that are offering car liability insurance and other related car insurance coverage for you to see. Key in your zip now and know the latest. It is just as easy as that.