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Avail Auto Insurance Discount at Any Stage of Your Life

Low Cost Auto Insurance Program, in accordance with the law, necessitates all the drivers in California to sustain a certificate of financial responsibility. CLCA is a program designed to furnish income entitled individuals with a liability insurance shield, at cheaper rates, as a solution to encounter fiscal responsibility laws.

Not everyone can afford auto insurance in California even at these rates and thus auto insurance discounts are available to everyone despite their age, marital status, educational qualifications, or their field of work. Some of these discounts are discussed below:

1.            Vehicle Equipment Discounts: If your car is equipped with safety mechanisms, then it cannot only benefit you in case of a fortuity but also to get lower auto insurance rates.

a)            Passive Restraint: Companies offer up to 30% discount if your car has airbags and motorized seatbelts. Airbags are, now a day, provided from both the directions (front and back) and these offer higher discount rates.

b)            Anti-Lock Brakes: Most of the companies provide discounts if your car is               equipped with Anti-Lock brakes.

c)            Anti-Theft Systems: Car’s with anti-theft systems can save up to 10% on premiums. Companies like Geico offer 25% discount for such systems.

d)            Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems: These systems help police track down your vehicle in case of a theft and thence lead to discounts.

e)            Lane-Departure Warning Systems: These systems warn you while changing lanes and help prevent accidents. Resultantly, Insurance Companies feel you are a low-risk and thus offer discounts.

f)             Vehicle Identification Number: Engravings of your vehicle identification number               on your windshield and windows can also get you substantial discounts.

2.            Good Driver: According to Proposition 103, in California, anyone of any age with a Good Driver status shall receive a minimum discount of 20 percentages on premium rates for auto insurance.

3.            Long-Term Policy Holder: Some companies offer discounts to its clients if they have been with the company for a particular period. It increases with different life stages but usually begins when you have completed 5 years with the company.  Therefore, you can avail auto insurance discount at any life stage.

4.            Payment Method: Companies like AIC offer monthly discounts to people who opt for e-bills for being eco-friendly. If the vehicle you are insuring is a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle then you could avail additional discounts for having a low carbon footprint.

5.            Policy Renewal: Many companies offer to switch discounts if you switch to them before your insurance with another company expires. They even do the switching for you. Also, check with your present company if they offer a substantial renewal discount that is usually given to customers with great driving record.

6.            Multi-Car/Multi Insurance discounts: Almost all providers offer discounts if you insure multiple cars with them. Also, many companies offer huge discounts if you insure your home with them along with your vehicle.

If you have any of the above security equipment in your vehicle or meet any issues concerning auto insurance in California then do not forget to enter your ZIP Code at the top of the page to compare and get to know the best possible discounts for you. It is absolutely FREE and easy.