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Auto Insurance in California – Fundamental Information

For you to legally own and drive a car in the sunshine state of California there are a number of things you must know about its auto insurance industry. Among the best known traits of auto insurance in California is that it has among the cheapest rates as compared to other states in the US. It accommodates people of all financial and social backgrounds. Low income residents of California are provided state mandated auto insurance that is low enough for them to afford. Another factor that makes auto insurance in California affordable is that it is not mandatory to have an insurance plan that includes personal injury. Requirements for minimum auto insurance coverage vary from one city to city within California but on the average it is much more affordable than other states. The average minimum policy for personal injury stands at around fifteen thousand, an accident it is roughly thirty thousand and property damage stands at five thousand dollars. These figures compared to those of other states that require drivers to obtain uninsured motorist among other forms of coverage, it is relatively affordable. Minimum requirements are just that, minimum. You may choose to go for a wider and better coverage which in essence will cost you more. This is all up to you, since the wider the coverage the safer you will feel and the more benefits you will receive.

The California Department of Insurance provides affordable insurance policies for residents with low incomes. The department has a mechanism which it uses to shortlist the neediest residents who will benefit from low cost auto insurance. This is an effort by the state to ensure that all road users are covered in the event of an accident. This measure has gone a long way in promoting road safety in California.

In the state of California, anyone above the age of 16 wishing to drive a car must obtain a driver’s license. This law is however common in other states across the great United States. Once the license is obtained, one must adhere to the traffic rules and regulations. One of the major mistakes people make concerns cell phones. Texting while driving heavily impacts the driver’s concentration on the road and has been known to cause accidents. The use of cell phones has been increasing rapidly over the years and most young people have them as part of their everyday lives just like a limb. Traffic laws in California distinctively forbid texting via your cell phone while driving. Any driver found to be violating this law faces stiff penalties. Among other distracted driver laws are DUI and DWI. Stiff penalties are meted to drivers found to be driving with a blood alcohol level above 0.08 percent. This particular law against DUI and DWI is strictly observed in California and it has won commendations from various organizations on its strictness. DUI is the leading cause of road accidents in America. If you are in California, enter your Zip above and access more fundamental information on Auto Insurance in California.