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Auto Insurance in California – FAQs and Answers

When the auto insurance in California refers to financial responsibility, what does it mean?

According to the California car insurance law, you as a motorist are required to carry responsibility for any event that may occur while you are driving in the roads of California. This means that you should be able to pay for the damages to property caused by an accident if you are at fault as well as be able to cover costs and expenses that may arise such as cause physical harms to an individual or individuals.

What happens if I don’t have auto insurance and decide to take my car for a spin?

The repercussions may vary from state to state but here in California, this is not taken lightly. This is because the law is adamant on everyone driving or even owning a vehicle in the state to be insured. As of 2006 California began suspending driver’s licenses for all those who do not adhere to the regulation. In addition, you may face penalties in form of fines, have your car impounded or even end up doing some jail time.

Does my newly licensed teenager need auto insurance coverage?

The answer is a resounding yes! Nobody driving a vehicle in California is exempted from driving without auto insurance. As a matter of fact, the teenagers need it more than you do because they are first time drivers and may pose a higher risk of car accidents. You have an option of getting them their own California car insurance coverage or they can continue in the current policy if they have been named as covered in your or a household member’s policy.

Who does my auto insurance in California cover?

In California, your auto insurance covers everyone who drives the insured vehicle. However, it is vital to note that that person must have your permission to use the vehicle. In some instances, the insurance company will ask that you name people in your household you intend to be covered with the auto insurance policy. This means that if anybody living in your house and is not named in the insurance policy drives the car, at that time the coverage may be considered invalid to him or her.

What do providers of auto insurance in California consider when renewing or cancelling my policy?

The basic and most crucial consideration they make is your risk level as a client. They will consider whether there is a likelihood of you causing or being involved in accidents by looking at your driving record, the number of times you have filed claims if any, what type of claims they are, your credit history and many other factors that help them gauge if you are a risk worth investing in or not.

These are just but a few of the questions with answers that will benefitted you. To get more information on other issues surrounding California car insurance matters and to get free auto insurance quotes at the click of a button, please enter your zip above and get started.