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A Quick Guide for Single Moms on Saving on Car Insurance in CA

autoinsuranceWhen a single mother gives birth to a child, she should notify her insurance company. Insurance companies believe that once one becomes a parent, one is seen as less risky and insurance premiums become lower. Car Insurance in Ca can become slightly cheaper for a single mother in this case.

Use one company for multiple policies and coverage

To lower the cost of your insurance as a single parent, you should combine all your policies and multiple plans with one company. Some car insurance companies in California offer renters and home owners insurance that can be put together into one account in addition to having discounts.

Raise your deductible levels

Car Insurance in CA has a policy whereby higher deductibles always lower the insurance rate. A cover with a high deductible usually goes hand in hand with a low Insurance Premium. The vast amounts that you’ll be saving as you increase your deductible will make up for the extra money that you will pay for small claims. Doing this will have a major impact on the amount of insurance for single moms and will help in controlling the costs.

Pay all at once

Paying all the money needed to get insurance in one shot is a tough call for all the single moms. However, if one is able to pay upfront for the first six months, it will save one a lot of money. Insurance companies often charge a fee for making monthly payments. There is no need to pay the extra fee, rather save some money by paying upfront.

Cancel the extra baggage

Check the declaration page on your insurance policy. Does it include towing in the insurance policy list? If you are part of an auto club or any other kind of roadside assistance program, chances are that you are also paying for towing under your auto insurance policy. Drop the towing from your declaration page.

Do you have an older car?

Collision and comprehensive coverage is optional except if you have a loan on the car that you are paying off. If that is the case then the finance company or bank will require you to have this coverage.

On the contrary, if you have an old car that you have finished paying off the loan there is a certain way that you can find out whether you are overpaying for comprehensive or collision. Take the amount that you are paying for collision and comprehensive and add them together them multiply the figure that you get by ten. If your old car is worth less than the amount you get, then you might as well drop it.

Companies offering Car Insurance in Ca, give a number of discounts. Some of these discounts include the good driver’s discount, group discounts and good student discount. For you to know what discounts you are eligible for you have to ask.

To find out whether you have been overpaying on your car insurance, enter your zip above and compare your rates with other companies offering similar services on the internet.