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A Beneficial Guide To DUI and DWI Laws In California

The road has many different laws and all of these laws are made for different occasions and different violations. Traffic police and the highway police have been made for a reason, and that reason is to penalize the people that violate the laws of the road and teach them a lesson. Every state in the US has different laws regarding drivers, cars and the road and all of these are to be followed by the people who live there. If the people fail to respect and obey these laws, they will be subject to many punishments and penalties that will affect them in many different ways. There are many different laws and there are certainly different penalties and punishments that go with them.

There are many different laws and they include the likes of speeding laws, parking laws, safety laws, maintenance laws and one of the most important ones are the DUI/DWI laws in a certain state such as California. The California DUI/DWI laws are the laws that regard the drivers that drive cars while drinking or while being drunk. DUI is the abbreviation for drunk under influence and DWI is the abbreviation for driving while impaired. Both the DUI and DWI laws concern alcohol and other substances that can impair a person and the DUI/DWI laws in a state such as California are set down by the department of motor vehicles or DMV, which, in California is the California DMV. A person caught breaking these laws is subject to many penalties that have also been decided by the Californian department of motor vehicles. The penalties that are inflicted on a person are subject to change with the number of times the person has violated the DUI/DWI laws.

What are DUI charges?

A person gets a DUI or DWI charge when they are caught driving while under the influence or driving while they are drunk. Being drunk impairs not only a person’s sight, but also their judgment, reflexes and their thinking overall. No one wants a driver like that on the road. That is why when the police sees a person driving while they are drunk, which is quite visible, they make them pull over and run tests on them, tests that can be manually conducted. These tests include reading tests and breathe tests. If these tests suggest that, the person is drunk or under the influence of drugs, the person is arrested and charged with a DUI offense. These charges are what are known as DUI charges and these charges entitle a person to the penalties they deserve.

How can DUI charges affect car insurance?

Every single insurance company on the planet wants the people they ensure to be free of any law violations and they need the person’s history on the road to be as white as milk. That is because more charges and more law violations indicate that the person is more likely of being in an accident and the insurance company does not want to insurance a person that gets into accidents on a frequent basis. DUI charges are dents on a person’s history on the road and they can drastically increase the amount they pay the insurance company in the form of insurance premiums. If a person is charged with multiple DUI violations, their car insurance as a whole can be in jeopardy.

The Consequences of DUI/DWI

There are many different consequences of DUI charges and DUI violations. All these consequences and the penalties that a person is entitled to depend on the number of DUI offenses they have committed. The number of times a person has received DUI allegations or charges determines what penalties they will get and it determines the severity of the penalties and punishments. There are many different penalties and each has a level of severity, which keeps increasing as the number of DUI violations in a person’s file increase. Here are some of the possible penalties and their severity according to different amounts of violations.

Fine – A fine is the most common penalty that a person is entitled to when they break the DUI laws in California that are set by the California DMV. However, the amount that a person has to pay as a fine keeps increasing as the person keeps violating DUI laws in California. Here are the current amounts of fines.

•             1st offense: $390 to $1300

•             2nd offense: $1500 or above

•             3rd offense: The person becomes a habitual offender of the law when they commit a third offense to the DUI laws in California and the fine increases at this point.

Probation – If a person commits a DUI offense, they can be placed on probation for a certain amount of time, which is determined by the DMV, and the court united. The person will not be able to drive a car in this amount of time.

•             1st offense: 3 to 5 years

•             2nd offense: More than 5 years

•             3rd offense: The person becomes a habitual offender of the DUI laws in California at this point and can then be subjected to long periods of probation as decided by the court.

License suspension – By committing a DUI offense, a person might be looking at a license suspension. Their license will be suspended for the period of time that their violation deserves and they will have to pay a reimbursement fine when they need to get their license restored or get a new license after the period of their license suspension has passed.

•             1st offense: 4-6 months

•             2nd offense: 24 months

•             3rd offense: The person becomes a habitual offender of the law at this point and the period of time that a habitual offender’s license is suspended is 24 months according to the Californian department of motor vehicles.

There are penalties you have to endure when you offend the DUI laws in California. That is why it is always recommended that a person avoid driving while they are drunk because the consequences might be too harsh for some people.

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